This is my latest painting finished for SAS. The assignment was to create a new book cover for Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.


I decided to include some of the process for this as well.

Thumbnails: I started with a whole bunch of thumbnails. I was working on them while listening to the audio book, so the subject matter changed a bit as the story progressed.

Rough Sketches: I picked 3 thumbs and developed them further

Trying out some colours: I managed to narrow it down to two.

In the end I decided to go with the more iconic close-up.





Some of my work made it into ImagineFX Magazine’s FXPose section! You can see it in the April issue, which was released online and some places in the world today. It will probably be available in Canada in a couple of months ><. Until then here’s a screenshot. For higher res versions of my work check out my gallery. The text (the parts that quote me anyways) is mostly embarrassing and not important. The only thing I hate more than my art is my writing 😛

Portrait of Dexter



I made this for my sister for christmas. It’s her dog, that she absolutely  loves. When someone referrers to her significant other we’re never sure if they mean her dog or her boyfriend. And I’m pretty sure Dexter has his own Instagram following. Anyways, she was very pleased with his painting 🙂




This is based on A Song of Ice and Fire of course. Still waiting anxiously for more books. And the latest season of GoT. Soon =D

I made this in my SmArt School class with Todd Lockwood. If you’re interested in improving your art, you should check it out. The class has been super fun and I’ve learned so much!(